Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a safe text file stored on your computer or mobile device by a website you visit. This file is used to recognise your presence and actions, so that your visit can be automatically customised to meet your needs.

When you visit an Armstrong website, our server may store cookie files on your computer. Your web browser may prompt you to accept these files, unless you have set your browser preferences to accept all cookies automatically.

Why do we use cookies?
Cookies are used primarily as a service to our customers to extend the relevance and responsiveness of the Armstrong site.

By using cookies, we can:

  • Provide you with faster and easier access to all of the content
  • Track items in your shopping basket
  • Track traffic patterns and visitor behaviours and preferences, so we can improve our website
  • Allow you to share web pages on social media sites

Your consent
By using and browsing our website, you consent to cookies being used according to our privacy policy. If you don’t wish to allow cookies, you can opt out of them. Keep in mind, however, if you opt out of cookies, our website will not perform as well for you.

Important notice about cookies
No cookies or information collected through the use of cookies is sold to a third party. In addition, we don’t use cookies to learn the identities of our visitors or associate any data gathered from this site with any personally identifying information from any source.