The benefits of CoolZone

Companies reduce energy costs. Employees enjoy greater comfort. And the environment breathes more easily.

Armstrong’s CoolZone solution improves thermal comfort and contributes to the intelligent energy management and commercial success of a building in a number of ways…

Energy saving:


of the HVAC energy cost
  • Delays the onset of air conditioning by 4 – 5 hours with a potential saving of 40% of the HVAC energy cost1.
  • Achieves full carbon payback in as little as 3 years2
  • Saves more energy than is embodied in the phase change material – a 1:10 CO2 efficiency2
  • Reduces high-usage peaks for air-conditioning systems.
  • Smooths out temperature fluctuations, reducing air-conditioning cycling frequency.
  • Stored heat can be purged in three to four hours1
  • CoolZone requires no energy – it is a passive solution
1 Armstrong thermal test chamber 2011

Thermal comfort:


stabilised room temperature
  • CoolZone panels help to maintain an even temperature, ensuring greater comfort for building occupants.
  • Temperature variation in the room can be reduced to +/- 10C
Cost Saving:
  • Maintenance free and outlasts a conventional HVAC system.
  • An ideal approach for renovation  - CoolZone cassettes can be moved within rooms and buildings to deal with areas of high heat load
  • A long lasting and portable asset – 30 year service life and capable of being moved from building to building as your needs change over time