June 2003 | New Peakform from Armstrong Ceilings. The lighter but stronger grid system.

Armstrong introduces both Peakform with Superlock main runners and Peakform XL Cross Tee Systems.

We have changed the shape of both the main runners and XL cross tees to provide better handling during installation and at the same time improve strength and stability of the system.

One feature delivered by Peakform is the new taller bulb shaped head.  

This innovative design contributes to improved rigidity, loading capability and also reduces the crush pressure required to cut the grid, a real benefit when you're making several hundred cuts a day. The innovative bulb shape also helps guide tiles into place, reducing potential damage to the edges of tiles both during installation and subsequent removal for maintenance.

When installing Peakform main runner, fixers will benefit further from its DOUBLE patents. Firstly, rotary stitching along the stalk which increases the torsion resistance reducing whip effect on the 3.6 metre long bar. Secondly the new Superlock Clip end detail not only provides the fixers with an audible click, signalling a secure connection, but also the ability to demount single or multiple main runners laterally. A huge benefit when having to replace main runners once the ceiling is tied in.

Trust Armstrong, the world's leading manufacturer of ceiling systems, to continue to innovate and provide the best ceilings solutions.

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