Madera Vector | Naturally Practical

If you are looking to create a stylish yet comfortable environment that is easy to maintain and gives you many design possibilities…. then think ‘Madera Vector'! Madera Vector combines all the richness of wood and the practicality of the Vector edge detail.

With Armstrong's new Madera Vector you can create an original and warm interior while making installation and maintenance quick and easy. Madera Vector ceilings are designed for use in high visibility areas where the classic look of wood is desired, such as signature spaces in corporate hospitality and retail environments. It will soon become your favoured choice for exclusive projects including conference rooms, lobbies, offices, department stores, restaurants, speciality shops, waiting and music rooms. As with the existing Madera range we offer a wide choice of beautiful veneers and laminates and a variety of perforations, this allows great scope to create an interior to suit your needs, combining the warm veneers, laminates and the various perforation designs to improve both the aesthetics and acoustical performance of the space. Add to this the clean sophisticated Vector edge detail to give you a well designed, practical ceiling.

The Vector edge detail has already been used successfully by Armstrong for the metal ‘Orcal Axal' and mineral ‘Ultima and Optima' ranges and is now available for the Madera range.

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