May 2004 | Acoustic Solutions in Education, from Armstrong Ceilings

The need for effective acoustic solutions is increasingly under the spotlight. Nowhere is this more important than within the education sector where poor acoustics impair the learning process and interfere with the ability of teachers and pupils alike to communicate effectively. Hence the existence of legislation which places a legal duty on those responsible for the design, construction or refurbishment of schools.

With their direct experience of the UK's largest PFI education project, Armstrong, the world's leading manufacturer of ceiling systems, has produced two new binders for acoustics solutions in Education, one of which is designed specifically for PFI Contractors.

They will be of great assistance to all specifiers, acousticians, contractors and facilities managers involved in new build and refurbishment projects in this important sector.

The binders set out the UK acoustic requirements and a range of solutions to ensure that these are fully met. They incorporate easy to use product selectors for different Education projects, providing full information on sizes, edge details and a wide range of performance attributes from acoustical values to light reflectance.

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