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The " light reflectance " of a surface is its ability to reflect light. 
Day light and electrical lighting represent the two primary sources of lighting available in the workplace. The light reflectance of the ceiling, floor and wall surfaces play the second most important role for overall illumination of the room, thus also directly affecting working comfort and productivity.
Selected Solutions:
Armstrong offers a wide range of products with high light reflectance (>85%)
Bioguard Acoustic
Bioguard Plain
Metal Plain
Perla OP 0.95
Perla OP 1.00
Ultima+ dB
Ultima+ OP
Types of applications:
Office, meeting rooms, reception area’s:  Light reflectance has a strong impact on the lighting comfort of the room especially when an indirect lighting system is used.
Eco friendly buildings - An ≈ 20% cost reduction can be achieved on indirect lighting.
The measure of light reflectance is the fraction of the specified incident light which is reflected by the surface. It is measured as a percentage, with a mirror's value being 100% and zero indicating no reflection at all.
The light reflectance of Armstrong ceilings is measured in accordance with ASTM - E1651-94 entitled Standard Test Method for Total Luminous Reflectance Factor by Use of 30/t Integrating-Sphere Geometry (Germany DIN 5036).
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