Ultima Vector

Ultima Vector

Due to specifier demand, Armstrong have launched the new Ultima Vector tile, a design solution to fulfil current architectural trends.

Armstrong have integrated the new Vector edge into the Ultima range which leads the way in combining outstanding aesthetics with high performance.

Aesthetical  The crisp, clean detailing of the new Vector edge reduces the visible width of the grid to only 6mm. The result is a plain, smooth ceiling that looks as if it is freely suspended from wall to wall.
Acoustical Meeting today's demanding requirements, Ultima Vector provides an excellent balance between sound absorption - 0,70 αw - and sound attenuation - 36 dB.
Durable Ultima Vector tiles provide a reinforced, scratch and impact resistant surface.
Practical With many buildings having congested plenums, the Vector edge detail allows total downward access making maintenance work easier and faster. For renovation, Ultima Vector can be installed on an existing 24mm grid.

Service integration -  The face of the Vector tiles extends 13mm below the suspension system. The height of components that interface with the ceiling panels, such as sprinklers and light fixtures should be detailed accordingly. For any further information, please contact our Internal Technical Service team.

The new Ultima Vector tile complements the existing Vector range available in metal (Axal) & soft (Optima).

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