Orcal Extra Microperforated


Our new Extra Microperforation enhances design opportunities in metal ceilings.

With a diameter of just 0.7mm, the subtle Orcal Extra Microperforation pattern becomes virtually invisible when installed in the ceiling.  As a result, light reflectance from the clean, crisp detail of Extra Microperforation is almost the same as an unperforated tile. Indeed, Orcal Extra Microperforation products in RAL9010 white have a light reflectance value of 85% versus 88% for Plain metal tiles.

In addition to its aesthetics qualities, the combination of Extra Microperforation with an acoustic fleece inlay provides good sound absorption performance (αw = 0.55) – a quality much needed in today's modern office environments.

Extra Microperforation can be applied to a wide range of panel types and sizes allowing new design choices in the creation of metal acoustic ceilings. 

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