Metal Canopy CS600063


It's a range of curved (concave and convex) & flat canopies which can be suspended from the building structure or fixed to a wall. These metal canopies can be used to define spaces, accentuate an area, provide a focus or create ceiling sculptures. Even though the look is custom, the system uses only standard components at an affordable cost, giving the designer a range of choices.

Item # CS600063

Visual Characteristics

Surface Metal post coated
Pattern Extra microperforation Rg 0701
Edge detail Not applicable
Colour White RAL9010
Dimensions 1890 x 1180 mm
Material Type Metal
Recycled Content (%) 30%

Technical Characteristics

Light reflectance (%) 85
Humidity resistance (RH%) 90
Weight (kg/m2) 11.80
Cleanable with a dry cloth Cleanability With a dry cloth
Scratch resistant