Metal Lay-In Premium OP19 3732MPOP

Metal Lay-In Premium OP19 Extra microperforation Rg 0701 3732MPOP 1200 x 300 x 8 MM

Item # 3732MPOP

Visual Characteristics

Surface Metal post coated
Pattern Extra microperforation Rg 0701
Edge detail Metal Tegular 8
Colour White RAL9010
Dimensions 1200 x 300 mm
Material Type Metal
Recycled Content (%) 30%

Technical Characteristics

Sound absorption (alpha w) 0.70
  View acoustic chart
Sound absorption European Classification C
Sound absorption (NRC) 0.75
Sound Attenuation Dnfw (dB) 31
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Sound Reduction Index (Rw)
Rain noise test  
Light reflectance (%) 80
Humidity resistance (RH%) 95
Fire reaction
EEA Euroclass A2-s2,d0
Cleanability With a moist cloth

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