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Backcut - The removal of the upper section of the kerf detail to enable the insertion of the vertical portion of the suspension member.

Bandraster - A wider than standard exposed grid system which can be used to define the ceiling module as linear, square or rectangular spaces. Bandraster is also used to provide location for partition systems.

Board -   Edge detail used with 24mm wide visible grid, resulting in a flat ceiling plane.

Cross Tees - Secondary element that is inserted into the main runner to form different modules sizes.

Kerf  - Groove in the edge of ceiling tile which locates and hides a suspension member.

Main Runner - Primary support element of an exposed tee ceiling suspension system which is suspended from the structure.

MicroLook - Rebated tile edge used with 15mm wide visible grid, resulting in a revealed ceiling plane.

Perimeter Trim - Components of right angled shape, either simple or compound (stepped), installed at the suspension grid perimeter to complete the ceiling.

SL2 - Suspended ceiling with semi-concealed grid using tiles with a special « shiplapped » (SL2) edge detail allowing fast and easy access to the ceiling void.

Tegular -  Rebated tile edge used with 24mm wide visible grid, resulting in a revealed ceiling plane.

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