Acoustical performance embraces two important areas:
Sound Absorption: a measure of a material’s ability not to reflect sound.
Sound Reduction: describes how much sound is reduced when it transmits through a material.
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  Light Reflectance
Growing awareness of new, energy-saving lighting often overlooks the integral role of the ceiling. A high light-reflecting ceiling makes lighting systems - especially indirect lighting - more effective, while further reducing energy costs and consumption.
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  Fire Reaction
All Armstrong products are tested to meet the appropriate fire reaction regulations.
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  Humidity Resistance
ll 95% RH products, are guaranteed to be free from sag for 15 years.
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A selection of products that offer high levels of cleanability.
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Control of bio-contamination is critical in the medical sector, especially in hospitals and clinics.
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  Air Quality Control
Armstrong offers specific solutions to limit the number of airborne particles by creating a Clean Room environment.
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  What is CE Marking?
The CE mark is a products “passport” for entry into the EEA (European Economic Area) and indicates that the product complies with the requirements of the applicable European Directive.
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