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Euroclass - The harmonised European classification for the fire reaction performance of building materials which may appear (in decending order of importance) as A1, A2, B, C, D, E or F

Fire Reaction - Is the surface burning of materials and the rate at which they contribute to the growth of a developing fire within a particular area.

Fire Resistance - Is (after the fire has developed) the prevention of the fire from spreading through the building and attacking and destroying elements of structure.

REI - A European rating that describes three basic criteria for fire resistance as REI and these are defined as: R = load bearing (capacity to provide structural stability) E = integrity (capacity to remain intact) I = insulation (capacity to maintain a defined temperature on the unexposed side of the building element). Depending upon national market legislation and test performance, these letters may also appear as RE or EI and all three combinations will be followed by a number eg EI 30, indicating the minimum time in minutes that protection can or must be maintained.

Structural Fire Protection - The use of a tested ceiling system to provide additional fire resistance to a floor construction which has inadequate resistance of its own.