Exposed 15mm Design Grid System - Silhouette XL² 3mm

Visual Characteristics

White RAL9010 (WR)

Physical Data

Face Dimensions (mm) 15
Profile Type Exposed System
End Detail - Main Runner By-pass connection
End Detail - Cross Tee Stab system
Cross Tee / Main Runner Interface Mitered

Product Name Item No. Slot Spacing (mm) Dimensions
Main Runners
Silhouette XL 3mm reveal Main Runner White RAL9010 814042WR 600  3600 x 15 x 44
Cross Tees
Silhouette XL² 3mm reveal Peakform Cross tee centre slotted White RAL9010 813042WR   1200 x 15 x 44
Silhouette XL² 3mm reveal Peakform Cross tee unslotted White RAL9010 812042WR   600 x 15 x 44

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