Metal Lay-In Bioguard 5549MAB


Armstrong Bioguard products can be cleaned, disinfected and prevent the build-up of virulent strains of bacteria, moulds and yeasts.,Especially suitable for use on plain tiles where the end use requires the highest standards of hygiene, such as in hospitals or food preparation areas. Fully accessible and demountable metal panels with a wide choice of edge details to complement Armstrong's range of exposed suspension systems.

Item # 5549MAB

Visual Characteristics

Surface Metal post coated
Pattern Plain
Edge detail Metal B-L 302 / F-L 601
Colour RAL9010 Bioguard (AB)
Dimensions 2000 x 300 mm
Material Type Metal

Sustainability Characteristics

VOC Emissions A+
Recyclable (%) 100%
Environmental Product Declaration (ISO 14025) Y
Formaldehyde Emissions E1

Technical Characteristics

Sound absorption (alpha w) 0.10 (L)
Sound absorption European Classification not rated
Sound absorption (NRC) 0.10
Sound attenuation Dncw (dB) 44
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Sound Reduction Index Rw(db)
Light reflectance (%) 85
Humidity resistance (RH%) 95
Cleanability With a damp sponge
Anti-microbial Bactericide
Air Quality ISO 3