Our built environment is vital in the fight against climate change as 40% of CO2 emissions come from energy used in our buildings.



Ceiling systems are becoming a key element of energy conservation. A well designed ceiling with high light reflectance improves space illumination, allowing for fewer light fixtures, a reduced electrical light output, lower maintenance costs and a reduced cooling load.

The "light reflectance" of a surface is its ability to reflect light.

Daylight and electrical lighting represent the two primary sources of lighting available in the workplace. The light reflectance of the ceiling, floor and wall surfaces play the second most important role for overall illumination of the room, thus also directly affecting working comfort and productivity.
  • A light reflectance of 90% and more allows 20% of cost savings with indirect lighting, and can yield total building energy savings of up to 11%.
    • 23% reduction in lighting energy at same light level (fewer indirect lighting fixtures and lamp/ballast replacements)
    • 7% savings in cooling system energy.
  • Specifying high light reflectance ceilings contribute to LEED®, BREEAM and Ska credits.
Download the Energy and Environmental Effects of High Light Reflectance Ceilings* in Offices, 2006.


CoolZone, at the heart of your energy ambitions..   

Saves Carbon – Saves Cost – Improves Comfort

CoolZone incorporates BASF Micronal phase change material into Armstrong’s plain metal ceiling tiles. The phase change material encased in the cassette stores and releases large amounts of energy, reducing cooling costs and maintaining a comfortable temperature in which to work, live, learn and play.

Learn more about Armstrong CoolZone


The thermal mass of the buildings structure absorbs daytime thermal gains and then, during the night time, the heat stored in the thermal mass of the building is released back to the room. There needs to be ‘contact’ between the air within the room and the buildings thermal mass in order for thermal transfer to occur.

Island ceilings provide an ideal solution in these instances by adding design elements to a space and helping to maintain acoustical and visual comfort.

Armstrong’s Canopy range offers lots of choices of material such as mineral, resin, wood and metal, and is available in a large range of shapes and sizes.

Our Island ceilings are very easy to install and dismantle, enabling easy re-location and reuse.

We have also developed a range of AXIOM CANOPIES which are manufactured to pre-designed sizes and packaged with all the necessary components in our factory. This provides easy on-site installation along with no wasted materials or components.

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