Armstrong Ceiling Canopies and Clouds

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Improve occupant well-being with design ceilings from Armstrong. Transform dull, empty spaces into eye-raising statements with beneficial properties. Discover one of a kind solutions that breathe new life into ceiling architecture. This is an invitation to let your imagination soar...
Optima Canopy Orcal Canopy Infusion™ Canopy
Axiom Knife Edge Canopy Ultima Canopy Axiom Canopy

Optima Canopy

   Create a Signature Space and Enhance Acoustics
Optima Canopy Optima Canopy is a flat mineral panel, pre-formed into 10 shapes: convex, concave, square, circle, hexagon, trapezoid, parallelogram and rectangle shapes…
The Canopy improves the overall comfort and ambience of the working environment, offering
  excellent sound absorption and light reflectance.
It provides a bespoke finish and is very quick and easy to install.
No special tools are required for installation and you can easily adjust and fit the Canopy to a
  variety of heights and angles.
The face and edges are finished with an abrasion resistant paint on a glass fibre face scrim
  providing a white and strong surface.
An aluminium square frame is embedded in the back of the Canopy. This frame allows the
  suspension of Optima Canopies as individual shapes or collectively on grouping frames.
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  Optima Canopy technical datasheet
  Optima Canopy individual installation instructions
  Optima Canopy group configurations instructions
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Axiom Knife Edge Canopy

Axiom Knife Edge Canopy Axiom Knife Edge is the new perimeter trim system designed to create 'ceilings clouds' in conjunction with full size tiles.
Axiom Knife Edge Canopy:
Animates the space by mixing an assortment of discontinuous ceiling clouds.
Improves the use of natural light, indirect lighting and high light reflecting ceiling elements.
Plays with multi-plane, multi-size design options.
Improves intelligibility and reduces reverberation time.
Click here to download: Axiom Canopies leaflet
  Axiom Knife Edge Canopy installation datasheet
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Orcal Canopy

   Create, Accentuate, Define
Orcal Canopy Orcal Canopies are an exciting new addition to Armstrong’s extensive range of discontinuous ceilings. These canopies come in 3 different designs (flat, concave and convex) and give the designer or specifier the ability to create spaces or areas within larger spaces or rooms.
In addition, the Orcal Canopy provides:
A durable finish making them easy to clean and maintain.
A clean monolithic visual, due to the Extra Microperforated pattern.
A good acoustic and light reflectance performance, due to the 0.7mm Extra Microperforated
  diameter & acoustic fleece.
Click here to download: Orcal Canopy leaflet
  Orcal Canopy installation sheet
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Ultima Canopy

   Turn the ordinary into extraordinary
Ultima Canopy
Click here to play with the shape and performance of Ultima Canopy !
Excellent sound absorption and light reflection makes Ultima Canopy ideal for open space areas as well as improving the general comfort for an individual working area.
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  Ultima Canopy datasheet
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Infusions™ Canopy

Infusions™ Canopy
Accentuate an area. Direct the eye. Or provide a touch of intimacy, Infusions™ Canopy lets you express your creativity in a whole new dimension.
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  Infusions Canopy datasheet
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Axiom Canopy

Axiom Canopy
With Axiom Canopy, enhance acoustics without sacrificing design. Now both form and function thrive with Armstrong's Axiom Canopy!
Axiom Canopy is a perimeter trim system designed to create 'ceiling clouds' from full size tiles. Made from standard ceiling panels and ready to assemble Axiom components. Axiom Canopies will define and individualise reception areas, work stations, meeting areas within open spaces. Axiom Canopy kits take the guesswork out and add the detail of precision engineered, precut, ready to assemble profiles and accessories.
To discover the new Axiom Canopy, click here
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