In 1999, Armstrong Ceilings introduced the industry's first ceiling recycling programme. To date, we have recycled over 11 million square metres of old ceiling material. That's more than 61,500 tonnes of construction waste that's been diverted from landfills.


Launched in the UK, France, Benelux and expanding across Europe, we now offer a full acoustical ceiling recycling service during demolition, construction and renovation stages of your project.

  • No minimum quantities of ceilings – we can match our service to your needs.
  • In addition to our own tiles, we will now recycle ALL mineral fibre ceiling tiles – making ceiling recycling easier than ever.
  • Now in partnership with SIG Interiors to support your local recycling needs - easy access to local help and advice.

Contact us for Terms & Conditions and more information about our Armstrong ceiling recycling programmes.

Recycling can be as good for you as it is for the environment. It reduces waste, saves money and is a smart alternative to our dwindling landfill capacity. No job is too small and we can help you reduce the environmental impact of your construction project and save you money with ceiling recycling.

  Our Ceiling-to-Ceiling process is a natural extension of our use of recycled materials and environmentally compatible manufacturing process that reduces our environmental footprint.
  • Our closed-loop process enables old ceilings to become new again with post-consumer content; saving on use of virgin materials.
  • No landfill fees or skip costs. We’ll pick up your old ceiling tiles.
  • No minimum quantities. We will support you in diverting your waste from landfill.
  • Recycling ceilings contributes to LEED®, BREEAM and Ska credits by including ceiling recycling in your construction waste plan.
In France, our recycling programme contributes to the HQE certification scheme for buildings.

Call our recycling team now to find out how much you save on your waste management costs.

Contact us for more information about our recycling programmes.


How to Recycle Ceilings - Salford Hospital
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We are currently the only mineral-wool ceiling tile producer to offer a comprehensive post-consumer recycling scheme.

We offer a collection service for refurbishment / strip-out projects of used tiles. The ceiling tiles are recycled into the mix and are processed into new ceiling tiles.


As part of our post-consumer recycling programme we have developed an off-cut recycling scheme. This diverts waste generated during the installation process from landfill and this material can be fully recycled into our manufacturing process.



Armstrong Ceilings has launched a scheme to build an eco-friendly army of approved ceiling and wall system installers with expertise in recycling projects. The Green Omegas are an enhancement to Armstrong’s Omega network of approved installers which was launched almost 20 years ago and now numbers more than 150 companies. A Green Omega meets a range of criteria including having an environmental policy, completing Armstrong’s environmental survey and training, and enrolling in an environmental management system (EMS) such as ISO 14001.

For more information about Green Omega contractors, please contact us.


  2011 Green Apple Best
Practice Award
- Recycling
2010 Sustain Award - Manufacturer of the Year  2011 AIS Eco Innovation Award
- Green Omega
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