Building module 1200x1350
  1200x1200 mm Optima MicroLook tiles on Interlude grid.
  Large tile modules provide a trendy, modern visual to any open space.
  A narrow suspension system contributes to the homogeneous finish.
  High sound absorbing ceiling materials enhance and improve concentration and privacy conditions, and can be further enhanced by use of active acoustics to provide sound masking.
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with adjacent Open Spaces
  Building module 1200x1500
  1350x600 mm Ultima MicroLook Field Panels and 1200x150 mm Ultima MicroLook Technical Panels on Silhouette grid.
  The TECH ZONE system provides visual continuity between different types of spaces.
  Grid alignment with the ceiling tiles surface for integration of demountable partitions.
  A balance between sound absorption and sound attenuation will improve end user comfort and increase confidentiality.
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  Building module 1800x1800
  1650x600 mm Sierra Board Field Panels and 1800x150 mm Sierra Board Technical Panels on Prelude 24 grid.
  Rectangular tiles to provide more depth to small spaces.
  Sound absorbing ceiling materials will provide improved speech intelligibility.
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  Building module 1350x1800
  1800x600 mm Ultima OP MicroLook Field Panels and 1800x150 mm Sierra Board Technical Panels on Interlude grid.
  Larger panel sizes provide an enhanced perception of space.
  High sound absorbing materials are ideal for improving concentration and privacy in open plan spaces.
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  Building module 1500x1500
  200x750mm Optima Tegular Field Panels and 1500x300 mm Optima Tegular Technical Panels on Prelude 24 grid.
  Reception areas often feature hard materials such as stone and glass. High absorbing ceiling materials are therefore more critical for reducing reverberation in these spaces.
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  Building module 1200x1350
  1200x1200 mm Optima MicroLook tiles and Interlude grid in an Axiom Canopy.
  Ease of directional lighting integration, installation & relocation of services compared to plasterboard ceilings.
  TECH ZONE suspension systems with Axiom canopies allow the creation of clouds for modern design.
  Invisible speakers for music and marketing messages integrate into TECH ZONE with no detriment to the overall appearance.
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