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Armstrong® TECH ZONE offers you a unique solution to design contemporary, technical zones with the guaranteed integration of market leading service elements.
Developed by Armstrong, TECH ZONE is a partnership with industry leaders in lighting fixtures, loudspeakers, air diffusers, chilled beams and sprinkler systems.
TECH ZONE provides customised ceiling solutions using standard ceiling and technical elements:
Create a customised, homogeneous ceiling to design, organise and integrate different service elements.
Minimal grid visibility provides a clean and sophisticated ceiling finish.
A large variety of ceiling tile materials and modules are available to meet the design and acoustic demands of any space.
Armstrong® TECH ZONE design flexibility allows the possibility to integrate continuous technical fixtures, for a clean visual.
Armstrong® TECH ZONE can also be integrated into an Axiom Canopy, offering design solutions for Thermal Mass.
Flexibility to re-configure room layouts and service element positions without moving ceiling panels.
Modules and Applications
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Jobsite: The Greenway Group
Segment: Office
Location: Atlanta, USA
Architect: DAG Architect, Destin
Product: TECH ZONE Ceiling System
Click here to download the Case Study
Jobsite: Clemmons Architecture
Segment: Office
Location: St Petersburg, USA
Architect: Clemmons Architecture
Product: TECH ZONE Ceiling System
Click here to download the Case Study
Click here to download the TECH ZONE Brochure
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