Armstrong World Industries Ltd Won the Lawsuit against Brand Copycat in China

In December of 2012, the Second Intermediate People's Court of Beijing made a judgment that Anhui Armstrong Building Material Co., Ltd. infringed the exclusive rights of Armstrong Industries Ltd's trademark "阿姆斯壮" andon mineral fiber ceiling products. In addition, the court judged that Anhui Armstrong Building Material Co., Ltd. used Armstrong's slogan "Armstrong inherits 150 years' quality" and was involved with misleading propaganda in its product package and brochures, which all constituted unfair competition.

Ken Chong, Vice President of Armstrong Asia-Pacific said, "We are very glad to this judgment. We will further cooperate with Chinese government and judicial authorities to jointly strike any infringement to our brand and products." Armstrong will take seriously this promise and stoutly take any necessary measures to maintain the interests of our customers, investors, staff and the community where we are located through reasonable judicial and administrative methods.

As the worldwide leading designer and manufacturer of ceilings and floorings, Armstrong has invested a lot and owns multiple production plants in China. Since July of 2012, Armstrong has taken legal actions against several producers and dealers for their trademark infringement and unfair competition in Beijing, Ningbo, and Suzhou. In consideration of the positive judgment of Beijing people's court, Armstrong is planning to fight further, through legal actions and administrative means, with the distributors and dealers who sell fake Armstrong ceilings without authorization all over China.

Armstrong owns the exclusive rights to use the registered trademark "阿姆斯壮" and its logoon nonmetalic building material products.

Note: The original products from Armstrong all are marked exclusively withor, while fake Armstrong products are marked with only the Chinese words "阿姆斯壮" without the logo . It is hereby to state that any products without the logo all are not produced or distributed by Armstrong, which neither use excellent raw materials nor follow Armstrong's quality standards.

About Armstrong

Armstrong World Industries Ltd has directly produced and sold high-quality building materials in China for over 30 years. Armstrong has made a direct investment of over USD 0.15 billion on production and marketing and has established many new plants in China within recent three years.
Armstrong is the worldwide leading designer and manufacturer of floorings and ceilings. Armstrong's gross turnover in 2011 reaches USD 2.9 billion. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Armstrong owns 32 plants and about 9100 employees in eight countries all over the world.

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