Project Information

Project: Phuong Dong University
Location: Ha Noi, Vietnam
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  • The purpose is to creating a standard education space, in term of acoustic, for the workshop room of the Architecture & Engineering Faculty. The current workshop room is the location for plenty of classes and teamwork discussion. The challenge is that the Professors and students usually need to raise their voice to deliver the lecture or for communication. Besides, the room is in top floor and is affected by noise from rainfall. Also, the current ceiling is attacked by mold which destroys the look.

  • As a result, the school desires for a ceiling that provide total acoustic performance for speech intelligibility and speech privacy, as well as antimicrobial treatment.


  • Suspension ceiling system (Ultima + Silhouette) from Armstrong was installed to meet owner’s expectations. Ultima is a Premium product with total acoustic performance. The product has well balance between Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.70 and Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) of 39dB which means ceiling can help to absorb the noise, background sound and echo sound inside the room, as well as helps blocking noise from other rooms. It is then remarkably increasing lecturing & learning productivity.

  • Besides, with DuraBrite and“BioBlock™ Plus”paint, Ultima panel contains an antimicrobial treatment, providing resistance against growth of mold/mildew and gram-positive and gram-negative odor/stain causing bacteria.

  • Lastly, brilliant lighting system is one of the most important factors in school zone while students these days could profusely get myopic as a matter of fact. The fine-textured Ultima ceiling achieves Light Reflection (LR) of 0.90, making the room brighter and more uniformly illuminating. The system also reduces glare and softer shadows, making less eyestrain which consequently leads to less myopic students. Moreover, energy budget for lighting at same illumination level is reduced.

  • Silhouette grid with narrow 15mm profile, black reveal, for crisp clean look, supports tegular edge of Ultima panel perfectly and enhances the look of the whole system.

  • After construction, the combination between Ultima and Silhouette grid fulfills all requirements from the school, provides all teachers and students a great environment for teaching & learning!