Project Information

Project: De La Salle University Centennial Hall
Location: Manila, Philippines
Product: OPTRA FG Open Plan
                MetalWorks Clip-in
Completion date: June 2012
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The 1st Challenge:

  • 22,000 m2,15-storey library & educational facilities building completed in June 2012 to commemorate the 100th year of the DLSU Education System in the Philippines. This is the very first educational building in the Philippines to comply with the Philippine version of the LEED Compliance System known locally as B.E.R.D.E. (Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence).

  • DLSU required high sound absorption design in their classrooms to achieve clear speech interaction between teacher and students. As all walls have high STC Ratings, their primary concern was how to reduce noise & reverberation created within the classroom particularly when classes hold high-noise producing activities.

The Solution:

  • OPTRA FG Open Plan with its excellent NRC of 0.9-1.0, to reduce over-all noise levels & reverberation. This improves speech intelligibility thus giving the students a better learning experience & concentration on the subjects at hand. The high light reflectance value of Optra FG also reduces the need for more light fixtures thus controlling glare & contributing to lower energy consumption.

The 2nd Challenge:

  • The project also requires a ceiling system along corridors in between classrooms & the building’s facade. The facade is semi-open to the outside of the building. The challenge is to provide a sturdy & strong ceiling system to withstand the elements & at the same time provide a beautiful flat & straight ceiling.

The Solution:

  • MetalWorks Clip-in, a concealed grid metal ceiling system that achieves a monolithic ceiling appearance giving that clean beautiful ceilings. More importantly, the system, installed with Security Clips, answers the need for a sturdy, stable and secure system against wind-uplift. Aluminum panels were used for corrosion prevention.