Get the creative edge with Knife Edge AXIOM from Armstrong. Knife Edge AXIOM is a sharp contrast to traditional vertical profiles. The sleek edge detail gives floating ceilings a thin, weightless feel to make a dramatic visual statement.

Like all AXIOM profiles, Knife Edge is designed for seamless integration with plasterboard or any Armstrong ceiling system, lay-in or tegular.

  • Unique profile provides a refined alternative to traditional flat vertical trims
    - Knife Edge AXIOM for traditional acoustical lay-in and tegular panels, as well as plasterboard
  • Standard prefinished, 300mm x 90-degree factory welded inside and outside corners
  • AXIOM sections are produced in standard 3,000mm lengths, however, can be ordered from the factory in custom sizes ranging from 600 to 3,000mm in length

Standard factory welded corners for Knife Edge   Knife Edge profile