Technical Information

  Exposed Grid System / Item code
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  Typical Sound Absorption:
  Perforated files with acoustical pad
  Typical Sound Attenuation:
  Plain: CAC=40dB
Perforated: CAC=24dB
  Fire Classification:
  Class A(GB8624)

Tegular systems are installed on either Suprafine, Silhouette or other 15mm exposed grids. Standard size 600mm*600mm with 8mm return.


  • Clean crisp metal surface
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel or Aluminum
  • Both side hot-dip galvanized and both side toast polyester paint
  • Durable surface
  • Easy to install and uninstall without tooling
  • More valuable with lower cost
  • Match the lamp and other equipment


  • Office, Conference room
  • Retail stores, Supermarkets
  • School
  • Corridors, Washroom
  • Hospitals


Plain, for clean and non-acoustic application

Item #
Hole Item Dia(mm) Open area(%)
Standard 2.5 16%
Micro perforated 1.5 22%
Extra-micro perforated 0.7 1.5%


Standard: Global White
Other: RAL9010, Metal, Black, Gray or Customer prefer