Metal Types, Perforations, Finish and Colors

Metal Types
Armstrong metal pan ceiling panels, although typically made from steel are also available in aluminium.

While a vast array of perforation designs are available, globally, there are three standard designs that provide a good balance between acoustical comfort, light reflectance and visual appeal.

Armstrong metal panels are finished with a durable electrostatic, factory applied polyester powder coat.

Armstrong metal ceiling panels are finished in standard “Global White” to match the Armstrong Peakform steel suspension grid. RAL or other special colours are available on request.

Semi-Standard Details

The ability to integrate building services equipment is a major feature of metal ceiling systems. Metal tiles can be engineered with cut-outs, apertures and special details to accommodate the proliferation of services utilised in today’s modern building projects. Lighting fittings, air conditioning grilles and fire protection equipment need to be harmonised with the ceiling system. Special size and half module tiles can also be produced when necessary to finish ceilings at perimeters and other junctions.

Light Reflectance
Pattern Global White
Plain (unperforated) 77%
Extra microperforated with black fleece 76%
Microperforated with black fleece 63%
Standard perforated with black fleece 68%

Acoustic Solutions

Over the years, specifiers have come to realise that one of the advantages of perforated metal ceilings is their ability to maintain the same visual appearance across the project while varying the acoustic performance in different areas according to need.

Armstrong has carried out laboratory acoustic tests on an extensive range of infill materials. As a result, and in keeping with our high quality at an economic price, we have selected two infill types for our standard tile range, acoustic fleece and Premium B 15 which we believe cater for most acoustic applications.

Acoustic Fleece

For most general open plan areas, non-woven acoustic fleece provides a good level of absorbent performance. The acoustic fleece fitted to Armstrong metal ceiling tiles is heat bonded to the rear of the tile and optimises flow resistance characteristics for the best absorption results.

Premium B 15

Specifically developed by our mineral ceilings division for use with the Armstrong metal tiles, Premium B 15 is an infill material that blends high sound attenuation and absorption performance in one simple infill solution.