Armstrong Ceilings now with GreenPro Certification in India

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that Armstrong Mineral Fibre Ceilings now GreenPro certified in India.

What is GreenPro?
GreenPro is a product certification which helps an environmentally conscious customer to make an informed choice to buy eco-friendly products.
GreenPro is backed by CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) which also backs the popular Green building rating system – IGBC (Indian Green Building Congress)   

How does this certification help?
Armstrong Mineral Fibre Ceilings are now classified as ‘Green Products’ by GreenPro.
GreenPro product certification is recognized by IGBC which has more than 3,921 Green Buildings projects (a footprint of over 4.48 Billion sq.ft) registered out of which 942 Green Building projects are certified and fully functional in India. Hence Armstrong Mineral fibre ceiling products become an automatic choice for projects that have registered with IGBC.

SoundScapes Blades Curved
Acoustical Blades
Use the newly launched SoundScapes Blades to enhance the aesthetic quotient of a space with exciting curvilinear and vertical ceiling visual and functionally useful for sound absorption. This is an open plenum modular ceiling solution with high acoustic properties with less ceiling coverage. 
SoundScapes Blades are made of 40mm thick glass wool core with laminated scrim on all sides. Typical application areas could be offices, education segment, reception and lobbies, restaurants and lounges, transport terminals.

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Hi impact SoundSoak Walls 
Acoustical Wall Panels
Hi Impact Soundsoak wall panels define and make your interiors stand out with impact resistant walls. The wall panels can be customized or tailor made to meet the requirement of your spaces with a choice of 2 new textures and 18 new shades of fabrics. 
By choosing Hi impact Soundsoak walls panels, you are improving the life of the space with better aesthetics and functionality. Typical application areas could be Reception and lobbies of offices, lobbies of airports and metro hubs, cafeterias, restaurants and lounges, conference rooms or board rooms in offices, recording rooms, audio visual rooms, public places like cinema halls and auditoriums.

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Create ! Custom Image and Patterns
Create! allows you to print custom images and patterns on your favorite ultima ceiling panel to complement your project design. Artistic designs and Images on ceilings with premium visuals and unique themes can be printed. Also get high performance benefits of white Ultima tiles retained. Typical applications areas classrooms, libraries, media centers, lobbies & receptions areas, retail, restaurants.

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