To bring out the best in students

To bring out the best in students, you must first remove those barriers which prevent effective learning. Like disruptive noise, inadequate lighting, poor air quality, and high maintenance costs that draw dollars away from instructional programs.

As it happens, your ceiling system can be one of the most cost-effective components of improved learning environments and problem-free buildings.

As the industry leader, Armstrong has set the standard for ceiling performance in educational settings. We've invested heavily through the years to increase both the technical capabilities and the value of ceiling systems for schools.

We can help you understand how the ceiling — the right ceiling — adds value to your facility, reduces your long-term costs and most importantly make your school a better place for learning.

Your goal is to make an informed decision, no matter what ceiling you select. Our belief is that in the process, we can prove that an Armstrong ceiling is the best return on your investment.