Aspect of comparison Armstrong mineral fiber acoustical ceiling Plasterboard
Raw Materials
  • Green materials as newsprint, starch, mineral fiber etc.
  • Plasterboard: Construction gypsum
  • NRC: 0.5-1.0
  • Excellent acoustical performance much better than Plaster board
  • Effectively reduce noise for a quiet environment
  • NRC is close to 0
  • If installed in room, noise is mostly reflected back in the room with severe echo, which reduces sound articulation, and adversely affects study/work efficiency
  • Its weight is much lighter than that of Plaster board
  • Reduce load on building structure
  • Easy to handle, install and maintain
  • Increases load on the building structure
  • A variety of products for choice with good decorative effect for a modern indoor environment
  • Basic
  • Light, easy and convenient to install

· Direct hung - speed up the construction process and lower the construction cost

  • Time and energy-consuming in plaster board installation
  • May have unsightly crack joint if installation done poorly
  • Easy accessibility to pipeline and wires in the plenum area

Easy to replace damage ceiling if needed

  • Limited accessibility to plenum area

Difficult to replace damage/soiled ceiling

Quality Assurance
  • China green environmental label
  • Manufacturer provides written limited quality warranty of 10/15 years

Acoustical problem in School Zone
Reflected sound
Noise transmission between rooms
Outside and HVAC equipment noise
 Armstrong ceilings' solution of acoustical problem
Reduce reflected sound
Reduce plenum noise
Reduce Outside and HVAC noise