We are pleased to inform you the launch and availability of much awaited BANDRASTER as part of our standard offering. BANDRASTER would be available in 50mm and 100m. It can be used with 24mm grid system. Launch of BANDRASTER is in line with our philosophy of offering new products to our customers, enabling them to create vibrant and cheerful workspaces.


Major customer benefits are as under:

  1. REFERENCE FOR PARTITION: BANDRASTER is generally used for drawing reference for partitions.
  2. FLEXIBILITY: BANDRASTER adds flexibility to the lay out. In event of modular partitions/ furniture, the customer can change the lay out keeping ceiling layout same.
  3. SUPERIOR AESTHETICS: BANDRASTER breaks the monotony of grids. Innovative use of BAND RASTER helps in creating superior aesthetic appeal.


Some of the major applications are as under:
  1. IT/ ITES
  2. Corporate Offices.
  3. Banks and Insurance.
  4. Retail.
  5. Educational Institutions.
  6. Hospitals