Direct Lighting Indirect Lighting

Recommended products:

Ultima: LR=0.89
Optima Open Plan: LR=0.89

High Light Reflectance Armstrong High-LR Ceilings:

  • Reduce indirect lighting costs as much as 18%
  • Reduce glare and eyestrain  Several factors have focused renewed attention on office lighting, especially in open plan spaces:
  • Continually rising energy costs
  • Stringent new codes reducing energy budgets
  • Heightened awareness of lighting's impact on worker comfort and workplace effectiveness
  • Growing awareness of new, energy-saving lighting often overlooks the integral role of the ceiling.

A high light reflectance ceiling - LR 0.83 or greater per ASTM E 1477-98 as referred to ASTM E 1264-98 - makes these lighting systems, especially indirect lighting, more effective while further reducing energy costs and consumption. Armstrong ceilings with even higher light reflectance (LR 0.89), such as OPTIMA Open Plans and ULTIMA provide:- Significant cost reductions - as much as 18% - Reduced occupant eyestrain - identified in a Harris Poll as the number one office health hazard For more information.