Q: Do you have a touch-up paint for your ceilings?

A: Touch Up Paint - #5760 White Latex Paint

Armstrong #5760 Touch Up Paint is intended to hide minor scratches and nicks in the surface and to cover field tegularized edges. See the following color match matrix for surface touch-up:

Complements Fair Color Match Not a Good Color Match
Cirrus Armatuff Graphis
Cortega Crossgate Highspire
Designer Dune Natural Fissured
Fine Fissured Georgian Sanserra
Fissured Optima Stratus
  Painted Nubby Tincraft
  Ultima Tundra
  Fine Fissured (Ceramaguard)  

Treating Cut Tegular Edges

Apply Armstrong #5760 Touch Up Paint to cut teular edges of mineral fiber or fiberglass products if the edges are exposed to view.

Directions for Applying #5760

  • Remove loose dirt
  • Stir paint before and occasionally during use
  • Apply to damaged areas; avoid filling in fissures and pin holes
  • Quickly wipe off excess paint
  • Drying time is approximately 15 minutes


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