Q: Will ceilings alone provide me with a 1 hour rating?

A: No, Fire resistance ratings apply to a floor/ceiling or roof/ceiling assembly in its entirety. Individual components such as ceiling panels or suspended grid systems are not assigned fire resistance ratings. If your architect has not yet determined which UL design should be followed for your specific project, you may have to select a UL Design for code official approval. If so, here is how to select the correct UL fire-rated assembly:

  • Establish the hourly rating needed to meet code requirements.
  • Determine the existing or planned building elements, including structural, mechanical,electrical and finish materials, in the fire-rated assembly.
  • Refer to the Fire Resistive Rating Summary in the back of the Armstrong ceilings catalog to determine which UL design numbers resemble your building. The summary is divided into categories based on construction type and components.
  • Submit the chosen UL design to the code official for approval.


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