Q: Can grid be repainted? How?

A: I. Surface Preparation
  • Wipe off any dust
  • Remove grease or oil with paint thinner
  • Remove rust with sandpaper

II. Application

  • Use small pure china bristle for smooth finish
  • Use trim roller for large areas or spray paint
  • For small areas use Armstrong Item No. 7895 White

III. ICI DULUX Paint Formulations

  • ICI Dealers can use Armstrong Color Formulas to match grid colors
  • Formulas based on Ultra Traditional Interior ALKYD Wall & Trim Enamel
  • With computerized color matching systems now available, it is recommended that a sample of the ceiling or grid color to be matched be taken to the paint store for improved color match

IV. Customer Information
  • ICI Customer Service Number 800-984-5444

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