Committed to Sustainability: Armstrong recognises the importance of protecting the environment and using resources intelligently. We are committed to exercising environmental stewardship in our dealings with customers, employees, government, and community neighbours, and in meeting an obligation to future generations. Download our Sustainable Brochure for further information.

Leaving a Smaller Environmental Footprint: Armstrong is continually reinvesting in ongoing product innovation to reduce our environmental footprint.

Committed to Sustainability

Global Initiatives

Armstrong is the largest manufacturer and supplier of acoustical ceiling systems with strong environmental credentials

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Environmental Attributes

Armstrong environmental claims are third party verified by Global GreenTag, with products listed on Ecospecifier Global. Armstrong products are deemed to be of an eco-preferable nature and able to contribute to the achievement of various Green Star points.

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We are proud to be affiliated with several organizations in achieving our sustainability goals

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Our sustainability efforts are recognized by leading environmental organizations

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Leaving a Smaller Environmental Footprint

Australia and New Zealand

Armstrong is committed to making a positive contribution to the environment in Australia and New Zealand.

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Green Star Projects

Armstrong has supplied ceiling systems to the majority of Green Star Certified projects in Australia

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Green Star Building Rating Tool

Learn more on how Armstrong GreenTagCert™ "Level A" Green Rate products can help you achieve 100% Credit Points in the GBCA & NZGBC Green Star Materials and Fitout Calculators.

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Ecospecifier GreenTag

Armstrong “Level A” GreenRate products are Certified to contribute credits to the Green Star® Rating Tool

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Recycle Programme

Armstrong is committed to product stewardship.

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