Metalworks Clip-in
Metalworks Clip-in


100% downward access and durable post-painted steel panels create a monolithic appearance, can be installed with minimum plenum clearance. Scrubbable and soil resistant with no sag performance. Nonperforated and perforated acoustical option available.

Scrubability Soil Resistance
Relative Installed Cost

High Acoustics HumiGuard Plus


2 Products

Item # Edge Profile Grid Face Dimensions Pattern NRC CAC Sag Resist Light Reflect Color
Beveled Concealed 300x300 MM Pattern : 4153M Unperforated 0.10 36 HumiGuard Plus RH99 0.77 White
Beveled Concealed 300x300 MM Pattern : 4163M Perforated High Acoustics 0.70 36 HumiGuard Plus RH99 0.61 White