Cirrus Themes
Cirrus Themes


  • A variety of individual lighthearted panel designs on Cirrus texture;
  • Improved indent and scratch resistance
  • High light reflectance
  • Excellent sound absorption
  • Hardware Friendly Options are available (S299, S299M), providing precut finished edge details for fixture openings (1"to 16" diameter)
  • Non-asbestos

Relative Installed Cost

High Acoustics High Light Reflectance


2 Products

Item # Edge Profile Grid Face Dimensions Pattern NRC CAC Sag Resist Light Reflect Recycled Content
Beveled Tegular 9/16 IN 24x24x3/4 IN Pattern : S299 0.60 33 Standard High Light Reflectance 0.83
Beveled Tegular 15 MM 600x600x19 MM Pattern : S299M High Acoustics 0.65 35 Standard High Light Reflectance 0.86