Clean Room VL
Clean Room VL


  • Non-directional visual reduces installation time and scrap
  • Clean rooms up to Class 5 (Class 100)
  • Applicable for good preparation areas (excludes perforated items)
  • Good sound absorption
  • Durable - Scrubbable, Soil-resistant, Washable
  • Ceilings may qualify for Green Star points according to Ecospecifier
  • Non-asbestos

*Note: Ceilings installed within temperatures of between 0°C to 49°C and relative humidity of up to 99%.

Scrubability Soil Resistance Washability
Relative Installed Cost

Fire Resistance HumiGuard Plus


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Item # Edge Profile Grid Face Dimensions Pattern NRC CAC Sag Resist Light Reflect Recycled Content
Square Lay-In 15/16 IN 24x24x5/8 IN Pattern : 868 0.55 40 HumiGuard Plus RH99 N/A 37%