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Dental Clinic - Flooring Used as Circulation Indicator
Amanda McAlpine – AE Works
Silver Spring, MD


The inspiration for this entry was the idea that flooring can help separate, define, or delineate, spaces as well as help with way finding... there doesn't necessarily need to be solid walls.


This is an idea for a 7,500 SF dental clinic. All of the general treatment rooms are located along the east wall, where a glass wall system is planned for the corridor side of the treatment rooms. This wall is designed to enhance visibility while providing privacy to the patients. It will also allow daylight to reach further into the clinic. 

The flooring of the exam rooms spills out into the hallway for easy visibility as to where the entrance to each exam room is along the glass wall. The west side of the clinic creates a "staff zone" that includes administration space, offices, a staff lounge, and restrooms. By creating two "zones" in the dental clinic, patients do not have to unnecessarily walk through administration spaces, while non-clinical staff are able to access the administration area without passing through the "patient zone." This zone is delineated also by a flooring change that the patients will clearly see when they're entering into a different zone. 

The remaining scope of work includes an internal core, comprised of support spaces including staff restrooms, utility, and clean and soiled linen supply rooms. The waiting and reception area is located on the west side of the floor, adjacent to the elevator lobby. This space is designed to be welcoming, with access to plenty of daylight and consideration to patient privacy. New public restrooms are situated just outside of the waiting area, off of the elevator lobby. The design and materials are meant to convey a clean and comfortable space to both employees and visitors. 

Hallways, treatment rooms, and employee areas are well defined by the Armstrong materials chosen for easy circulation. Wall colors make the space feel less institutional, but maintain a professional and healthy setting. Flooring has been be chosen to allow for durability, easy maintenance, as well as aesthetic pleasure. Daylight will be utilized in conjunction with the materials chosen to encourage employee, visitor, and patient well-being.


1 - Armstrong NATURAL CREATIONS® Mystix® TP778 Jet Gray Beige
2 - Armstrong NATURAL CREATIONS Mystix TP782 Jet Natural
3 - Armstrong NATURAL CREATIONS ArborArt® TP053 Barnside Beach Blonde
4 - Armstrong NATURAL CREATIONS ArborArt TP056 Barnside Embers


AE Works staff - Jason Dillaman, Patrick Rakszawski

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