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Case Studies - Education

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At first glance, the retro floor design in the cafeteria and main corridors at Brownfield High School in Texas looks like many other floors in schools across the nation.

But it’s not.

The floor design is MIGRATIONS® BBT® bio-flooring, a sustainable, affordable flooring product that has more than five times greater resistance to impact and more than two and a half times greater resistance to cracking from uneven subfloors than standard composition tile. The school wanted to replace the existing flooring, and chose MIGRATIONS® BBT® bio-flooring with the help of the design firm of Parkhill, Smith and Cooper.

“We looked for a product that was durable and maintainable, as well as having a sustainable story – that is the way we evaluate all of the materials for our projects,” according to Paul LaBrant, Registered Interior Designer. “We tested several products and MIGRATIONS was the clear winner.”

The 12˝ x 12˝ MIGRATIONS® BBT® bio-flooring in gray, black and red looks no worse for wear since its installation in July, 2009. Brian Paiva, Director of Maintenance at Brownfield High School, is really impressed with the performance and the maintenance of the product.

“It is performing extremely well, considering how hard it is used every day by hundreds of students,” said Paiva. “It’s very easy to maintain, and looks great.”

Installing MIGRATIONS® BBT® bio-flooring in Brownfield High School was clearly a win for all. The students get a cleaner, “greener” environment and the school gets a product that is more durable than standard composition tile, but is just as easy to maintain. And, from this single project, 3,326 pounds of waste have been diverted from landfills and energy and natural resources equivalent to 86 gallons of gasoline have been saved.


Brownfield High School
Brownfield, TX
Parkhill, Smith and Cooper
MIGRATIONS® BBT® bio-flooring
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