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Global Installations

From Melbourne to Los Angeles and Boston to Beijing, you can find Armstrong commercial floors installed in some of the most spectacular buildings in the world. Here are just a few examples.

Madrid, Spain: Plaza Ecopolis Kindergarten
Armstrong’s DLW Linoleum harmonizes well with the kindergarten’s environmentally conscious master plan. In light grey and vivid yellow, the flooring also matches the color scheme of the surrounding architecture.
Phoenix, Arizona: Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Designers for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital chose Armstrong MARMORETTE™ linoleum, MEDINTECH® homogeneous sheet and MIGRATIONS® BioBased Tile® floors to create colorful wayfinding suitable for children of all ages.
Washington, D.C.: The Girl Scout Council of the
Nation’s Capital Lobby & Store

NATURAL CREATIONS® ArborArt® luxury vinyl tile was installed in both the lobby and the store in downtown Washington, D.C. Designers liked the wood look in a durable – and affordable – tile floor. Installing NATURAL CREATIONS in both spaces also offered the ability to visually connect the two areas seamlessly, without the need for transitions.


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