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FAQs - Maintenance

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Are hardwood floors difficult to maintain?
No. In many cases they are as easy or easier than carpet, ceramic tile, laminate or vinyl.

How do I maintain my hardwood floors?
Following a regular maintenance schedule, sweep or vacuum to remove dirt, grit, or dust that could scratch or be ground into the surface of the floor. Periodic damp mopping using the Permion® Commercial Cleaner for Permion finished floors is also recommended. For more detailed maintenance instructions, please see the Care & Maintenance instructions under the Specifications & Technical drop down box on this website. For Hartwood® finished products, please see the Care & Maintenance instructions.

What do I use under the furniture to protect the floor from scratching?
Armstrong offers a variety of felt protector pads to use in place of the hard metal or plastic buttons that are placed on the legs of furniture. You should use these on all the legs of the furniture to prevent damage to the floor.

How do I fix a small scratch on my floors?
Armstrong offers touch-up kits for most products.

Where can I find all of these maintenance products?
Please check with your commercial contractor who installed your flooring. If they cannot assist you, please call 1-888-276-7876.

What other cleaning products do you recommend for my floor?
We do not recommend any alternative products for maintaining your floors. Use only the recommended cleaners and maintenance products that are manufactured by Armstrong exclusively for factory finished hardwood floors.

Can I roll heavy furniture across my hardwood floors?
No. When moving or rolling heavy pieces of furniture or appliances, use protection, such as strips of 1/4" hardboard as a runner under the wheels or legs. Always move items with caution (see denting under general FAQs).

Can I mop my floors using hot, soapy water?
No. Water can prematurely age your hardwood floors and cause them to crack and split.

Can I wax my Permion floor?
Yes, however, it is not recommended. Once you wax a floor, it should be maintained as a wax-finished floor. Wax may inhibit the adhesion of future application of top coating materials or make it slippery.

We want to use area rugs. What should I use under my area rugs? 
A breathable rug underlay. Mesh or grid patterns are best.

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