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A Case Study


Julia P. Bryant Elementary School
– Statesboro, GA

Unique Flooring Patterns Create a Teaching Tool

These days, young children are accustomed to learning about the virtual world with their fingertips. At Julia P. Bryant Elementary School in Georgia, grade school students are learning about the real world with their feet! They can walk in outer space, go on safari and explore the deep ocean just by wandering through their school. Using over 34 colors of Standard EXCELON Imperial Texture VCT and Rave®, the designers for this forward-thinking school created a vibrant world map and large-format images of planets, constellations, seashells and tall grasses on classroom floors and in hallways. Not only do these colorful images make for fun, aesthetically pleasing floor designs, they’re also used as a teaching tool.

Armstrong Standard EXCELON Imperial Texture VCT products offer a variety of color options, as well as long-lasting durability – a necessity in the high traffic areas where these floors were installed. The use of multiple colors and patterns creates a truly unique learning experience for young students.

Project Highlights

  • Visual:  Several colors in Standard EXCELON Imperial Texture VCT create an eye-catching learning experience.
  • Life-Cycle Costing:  Standard EXCELON Imperial Texture VCT products are high performance floors with exceptional durability and longevity.
  • Maintenance:  Tiles are maintained with routine sweeping, mopping and occasional polishing.
  • Environmental:  Low VOC emissions – California Section 01350 compliant, third-party FloorScore™ certification and LEED® eligibility.
  • Armstrong Floor Representative:  Bob Eudy
  • Installation Contractor:  Rucker Floor Service, Swansea, SC


Standard EXCELON Imperial Texture

camel beige

pumpkin orange

pomegranate red


colorado stone

buttercream yellow

antique white

sea green

little green apple


mid grayed blue


etruscan red

lunar blue

57505 rose hip

cool white

dusty plum
Standard EXCELON Imperial Texture Rave    

screamin’ pumpkin
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