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Linoleum is Naturally Sustainable

[MUSIC] Need a sustainable flooring product you can trust? Looking to save time and money? Interested in lower-maintenance options? Look nor further. Armstrong Commercial Flooring has a solution. The Armstrong linoleum plant in Delmenhorst, Germany is one of the few linoleum plants in the world. [MUSIC] For over 100 years, linoleum has been manufactured here with a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental consciousness. Today, Armstrong continues to use natural ingredients such as linseed oil, wood powder and jute backing, that were used in the early 1900s. Armstrong's formula is comprised of 35% pre-consumer recycled content and 36% radially renewable raw materials which supports LEED credit MR 4.0 and MR 6.0. Armstrong linoleum is also NSF 332 certified. Easy choices are achieved through Continuum. Continuum offers a simple, organized color system that cross connects color that saves time and makes it easy to find the right color for your space. [MUSIC] Our linoleum color pallet provides the options you're looking for with over 100 colors to choose from. Whether it's for a bright pallet for a school or soothing hues for a hospital wing, Armstrong has the products you need. Now that colors are selected, installation is next. Each installation is unique and different. Because of that, Armstrong provides both heat welding and time saving seam adhesive option to fit your various needs. What you're watching is a time elapsed seaming installation using heat welding on the right, and Armstrong S-761 Seam Adhesive on the left. The tools needed for the two installations differ dramatically. For S761, you need an edge trimmer, recess scriber, hand roller and a utility knife. For heat welding, you need a routing machine, heat welding hot air blower, heat welding nozzle, weld rods, trim plate for spatula knife, spatula knife, hand grooving tool and the feed roller. As you can see, not only will S-761 save you time, it requires less tool purchases, making a lower investment for the contractor. When heat welding, you must wait a minimum of ten hours of installing the floor before you can begin the seam treatment. For S-761, there is no wait time after the installation before the seam treatment can begin. S-761 is a great choice for non aseptic areas, including hospitals and schools. Now that you've seen how much time you can save with S-761, it is also a very strong installation method. In the lab, you can see that the S-761 sample had a tensile pull test of over 20 pounds. Delivering performance comparable to heat welded seams and its ability to withstand the stresses of Armstrong's subfloor movement test. Once the floor is installed, maintenance becomes the next topic. Our exclusive NATURCote low maintenance coating provides high performance, preserves linoleum's natural beauty, and makes caring for your floor simple. NATURECote provides options including no polish which requires less maintenance, chemicals and water need to clean floors day-to-day. It also adds improved resistance to high pH chemicals in tough stains. So, why Armstrong? Armstrong has a heritage of sustainability. Armstrong provides easy color and design. Armstrong Linoleum is easy to install. And, it's easy to maintain. Learn more at Create with confidence, with floors that are designed to dazzle, and produced to perform.
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Commercial Linoleum


Commercial Linoleum

A naturally sustainable flooring choice.



The Marmorette line of commercial linoleum flooring represents the timeless standard of design.
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Commercial Linoleum

A naturally sustainable flooring choice.

Commercial Linoleum

A naturally sustainable flooring choice.

  Commercial Linoleum

   Linoleum Brochure

Armstrong uses natural ingredients such as linseed oil, wood powder and jute backing that were used in the early 1900s to manufacture its linoleum. The formula is comprised of 35% pre-consumer recycled content and 36% rapidly renewable raw materials.

   Sustainability Advantages
  Features  Benefits
  100% Biobased Reduces dependency on non-renewable resources
  Polish (optional)  Reduces disposal into waste water system
  Uses recycled and
  rapidly renewable
Supports LEED® Credit MR4.0 and MR6.0
  Low Volatile Organic
  Compounds (VOC)

- Improves Indoor Air Quality and supports LEED EQ4.3

- FloorScore™ certified meets the requirements of CDPH Standard Method V1.1-2010

- Adhesive with low VOC emissions and compliant with LEED EQ4.1

  NSF/ANSI 332
National standard offers the highest level of confidence

NSF/ANSI 332 Gold Level Certification
Armstrong linoleum carries NSF 332 Gold Certification, indicating this natural flooring has met the sustainability metrics for resilient flooring products created by NSF International. NSF International is an accredited, third-party certification body that tests and certifies products to verify they meet public health and safety standards.

Our Sustainable Flooring Portfolio
Armstrong Commercial Flooring continues its tradition of sustainable flooring options with our newest offering: BioBased Tile® (BBT) with BioStride. BBT complements Armstrong’s linoleum portfolio by combining the characteristics of our green flooring with the most specified category of resilient flooring: composition tile. Learn more about environmentally friendly Striations BBT®.  

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