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Environmental Life Cycle Assessment

Armstrong uses life cycle assessment to evaluate and innovate products. We make our LCA data publicly available through Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).
We're committed to helping you reduce the environmental impact of the buildings you create…from product design and raw material selection, to how products are made and delivered.
What is a Life Cycle Assessment?
A method based on ISO 14040 and 14044 to systematically measure the environmental impacts associated with each phase of a product’s life-cycle. LCA is used to assess potential environmental performance of a product over all or part of its life cycle.
What is an Environmental Product Declaration?
An EPD is third party verified declaration based on ISO 14025 of the environmental impacts identified through the life cycle assessment.
What Environmental impacts are included in an EPD?
Global Warming Potential – also known as “carbon footprint,” is a measure of greenhouse gas emissions, such as CO2 and methane.
Primary Energy – total amount of energy - both renewable and non-renewable – required during the products life cycle including energy for raw material processing, transportation and manufacturing .
Ozone Depletion – measure of pollutants that thin of the earth’s stratospheric ozone layer.
Acidification Potential – measure of emissions that turn into acids and harm buildings, plants, animals, aquatic life, and human health.
Eutrophication Potential – a measure of emissions that result in water bodies receiving excess nutrients that stimulate excessive plant growth.
Photochemical Oxidant Creation Potential – measure of emissions of precursors that contribute to low level smog.


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