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Healthcare/Ambulatory/Clinic/Outpatient – Elevator Flooring

Easy to Install
Long Life
Low Maintenance

Elevators in ambulatory care centers or clinics face heavy daily usage from foot traffic and rolling beds, wheelchairs, and medical equipment. Elevator flooring must be wear-resistant and long-lasting, since these floors are unlikely to be replaced often.

Recommended Floors
Armstrong LVT and sheet vinyl are the top flooring recommendations for elevators. Natural Creations® LVT and Rejuvenations™ sheet have abrasion-resistant wear layers for years of good looks. Many patterns also help hide scratches and scuffs. Homogeneous sheet flooring offers the best combination of gouge and abrasion resistance.

Elevator flooring, while not a typical design focus, is still “front of house”, and has high visibility to visitors. With sheet and LVT flooring from Armstrong, it’s easy to continue a design plan from the adjacent space or create soft, coordinated accents.

Color & Design Matching
Armstrong has created a color-and-design matching system that helps you quickly find the right colors and designs to match existing interiors and finishes.

Rejuvenations™ sheet offers organic tweeds and beautiful stone and wood looks, which are designed to mix and match with the wood and stone visuals in Natural Creations® LVT.

Medintone™, a homogeneous sheet product, features a simple, organized tonal step system that cross-coordinates with LinoArt™ Marmorette™ linoleum and Stonetex® VCT.

LVT and sheet flooring products can be easily installed with the new Flip™ Spray Adhesive System. This system is designed for quick installs in small spaces, like elevators. Fast-acting and durable, this adhesive provides heavy-duty performance against heavy foot traffic and rolling loads. The simple, one-step application process allows the space to be turned quickly, so visitors and staff are not inconvenienced for long.

The New I-Set™ Installation System
Natural Creations® with the I-Set™ Installation System is an all-in-one flooring solution. With this system, the adhesive comes pre-applied to the tiles and planks. There’s no additional adhesive needed and no wait time.

Armstrong sheet and LVT products recommended for elevators offer low-maintenance options. To keep these floors looking beautiful, follow typical daily cleaning protocols. Then, for easy periodic maintenance, spray buffing is all that’s required. Homogeneous sheet flooring can also be dry-buffed.

For an even easier maintenance plan, heterogeneous sheet and LVT don’t even require buffing. When needed, just machine-scrub these floors with a properly diluted neutral detergent solution and rinse. .

LVT Flooring

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Brown - J6205
Parallel 20
0.100 in.

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Orchard Estate Island Mocha - NA133
Natural Creations Diamond10 Technology ArborArt
0.125 in.
Coming in 2017
Diamond10 Technology

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Tidal Impressions Fig - NA247
Natural Creations Diamond10 Technology ArborArt
0.125 in.
Coming in 2017
Diamond10 Technology
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Sheet Flooring

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Cherry Cerise - 37363
Rejuvenations TimberLine
0.080 in.

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Maple Thunder - 37354
Rejuvenations TimberLine
0.080 in.

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Oak Level Headed - 37358
Rejuvenations TimberLine
0.080 in.
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