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Healthcare/Hospital - Hospital Corridor Flooring

Easy to Install
Long Life
Low Maintenance

Hospital corridors demand high performance floors. Foot traffic and rolling loads like equipment carts, stretchers, and wheelchairs, put significant wear-and-tear on these floors. Corridor floors are also less likely to be replaced than other areas of the hospital, so durability is critical.

Armstrong recommends a wide variety of flooring products to meet the needs of this application, including sheet, tile, and LVT options. You can depend on these floors to deliver scuff and scratch resistance and to maintain their beautiful looks for years.

A stay in a hospital can be stressful for both patients and their families. Flooring can actually play a role in reducing stress by providing wayfinding paths throughout the facility. With themed patterns and vibrant colors, wayfinding paths on the floor can help visitors identify different departments and service areas.

Armstrong offers a broad portfolio with colors, textures, and patterns coordinated to work together, making it easy to implement a wayfinding path. For virtually any type of unique design, depend on Armstrong flooring solutions to deliver it beautifully.

Natural Creations Luxury Flooring with the I-Set Installation System
The popular Natural Creations Luxury Flooring  line now has a quick-install option. The new I-Set Installation System is designed exclusively for Natural Creations Luxury Flooring.

With the I-Set installation, each LVT plank or tile has an adhesive backing. There’s no need for full-spread adhesives. To install the floor, remove the protective release paper and lay the flooring into place. With this “all-in-one” solution, LVT installations can be completed in half the time, and the corridor can be returned to operation immediately.

I-Set™ Installation System

Flooring installations just got easier thanks to I-Set.

Watch I-Set™ Installation System Video

Flip™ Spray Adhesive
LVT, VCT, and all sheet flooring products can be installed quickly and easily with new Flip™ Spray Adhesive. Another Armstrong exclusive! Flip™ Spray Adhesive uses a three-step process: spray the adhesive, allow it to cure for 20-30 minutes, then install the new corridor flooring. All that’s left is to move the furniture back into place, and the space is ready for foot traffic and even heavy rolling loads.

Watch Flip™ Spray Adhesive Video

LinoArt Linoleum
LinoArt Linoleum can be installed with our patented S-761 non-heat weld seaming system, which reduces costs and creates a seamless design appearance.

Hospitals never shut down, so maintenance is always on-going. Keeping maintenance to a minimum in corridors helps ensure the arteries of the hospital stay open for visitors and staff to move easily and safely throughout the facility.

Armstrong sheet products have a UV-cured urethane coating that allows for low maintenance cleaning. LinoArt Linoleum with NATURCote™ II reduces the amount of labor, water, and chemicals needed for routine maintenance.

LVT Flooring

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Sheet Flooring

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