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Healthcare/Ambulatory/Clinic/Outpatient – Laboratory Flooring

Easy to Install
Long Life
Low Maintenance

Inside clinical labs, medical technicians handle a wide variety of specimens for analysis. Lab flooring for this application has to be resistant to normal wear-and-tear, gouges from dropped instruments, and staining from chemical spills. The flooring must also withstand a rigorous cleaning schedule.

Recommended Floors
Armstrong’s product offerings for this application include heterogeneous, homogeneous, and inlaid sheet flooring. All products have a UV-cured coating which protects the floor’s appearance, giving it longer life.

Homogeneous and inlaid floors are constructed to provide excellent gouge and abrasion resistance. The Rejuvenations™ sheet collection offers enhanced stain, abrasion, and static load resistance.

Labs are located in the “back of house” within ambulatory centers or outpatient clinics. Flooring for these areas is typically designed more for performance and long life than for aesthetics. But with Armstrong flooring, you don’t have to sacrifice looks for performance.

Inlaid and Homogeneous Sheet
Inlaid sheet floors offer textile-inspired designs with over 50 choices in compatible patterns and colors. Medintech®, Medintone™, and Medley™ homogeneous sheet products have the familiar jaspé chip visual in a range of neutrals and colors.

Heterogeneous Sheet
For a design approach that’s more soothing and home-like, the three lines in the Rejuvenations™ collection – Ambigu, StoneRun™, and TimberLine® – may offer the perfect solution. This collection features organic homespun tweeds, beautiful stone and travertine looks, and warm woods.

Armstrong sheet products are designed to be easy to install with our fast-acting adhesives. Inlaid, homogeneous, and heterogeneous flooring products can be installed with S-543 High-Moisture Adhesive, which reduces installation wait time and gets the lab back into operation quickly.

For non-aseptic areas, like labs, use of S-671 Seam Adhesive saves installation time and materials.

Flip™ Spray Adhesive
New Flip™ Spray Adhesive is another fast-acting adhesive that can be used with sheet installations. It’s designed for spaces demanding quick room renovations.

Watch Flip™ Spray Adhesive Video

The resilient flooring products recommended for outpatient clinic labs all offer no polish – low maintenance options.

For daily maintenance, only sweeping or vacuuming and damp mopping is necessary. For periodic maintenance, spray buffing will keep these floors looking beautiful. Other options include dry buffing for homogeneous and inlaid vinyl sheet, or no buffing at all for Rejuvenations™ sheet. Simply machine-scrub when needed and rinse.

These easy maintenance options will help keep these floors looking newer longer.

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