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Healthcare/Hospital - Patient Room Flooring

Easy to Install
Long Life
Low Maintenance

Flooring in patient rooms needs to withstand the twin tests of durability and resistance to changing aesthetics to reduce lifecycle costs and maintain the area’s functionality.

Recommended Floors
Armstrong recommends sheet vinyl and linoleum products for this application. The floors in these categories offer excellent durability and stain resistance. You’ll also find a wide range of colors and patterns that can help hide scuffs and indentations from rolling equipment and heavy beds.

All Armstrong floors have a protective finish for longer life. Vinyl sheet products have a UV-cured urethane coating that protects the floor’s appearance, while LinoArt™ linoleum products have the Armstrong-exclusive NATURCote™ II UV-cured coating which resists scuffs and scratches.

These days, architects and designers are specifying products for patient rooms that are more home-like and less institutional. Research suggests this design approach helps speed the healing process and reduces the patient’s stress during their stay.

Rejuvenations™, our premier healthcare sheet product, includes 93 patterns that feature organic homespun tweeds, beautiful stone and travertine looks, and warm, inviting woods.

LinoArt™ linoleum with NATURCote™ II offers timeless visuals in more than 100 color options for easy color compatibility.

For functional renovations in patient rooms, we recommend sheet vinyl and linoleum. The installation systems for these flooring products minimize disruption to business with high-performing, fast-acting adhesives.

Since patient rooms are non-aseptic, sheet products can be installed with S-761 Seam Adhesive or new Flip™ Spray Adhesive. This adhesive-in-a-spray-can allows installers to install flooring in a fast, one-step application process. There’s no wait time, so the room can be returned to functional use immediately.

LinoArt™ Linoleum
LinoArt™ Linoleum products are installed with our patented S-761 non-heat weld seaming system, a lower-cost option that provides a seamless look.

Patient rooms need to be cleaned and disinfected easily to keep occupants safe and the space functional.

Armstrong sheet products have a UV-cured urethane coating that allows for low maintenance cleaning. Rejuvenations™ sheet has a “no-polish, no-buff” maintenance system. Medintone™, Medintech®, and Medley™ sheet options have smoother textures, making them easier to clean and disinfect.

LinoArt™ Linoleum
LinoArt™ linoleum with NATURCote™ II reduces the amount of labor, water, and chemicals needed for routine maintenance.

Luxury Vinyl Tile
LVT products offer no-wax visuals that are in high demand today. The protective finish on these floors may eliminate the need for polishes and spray buffing.

All our recommended floors are easily disinfected following normal healthcare protocols.

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