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Healthcare/Ambulatory/Clinic/Outpatient – Exam/Procedure Room Flooring

Easy to Install
Long Life
Low Maintenance

Exam rooms are busy spaces where doctors receive patients and perform exams or minor surgical, medical, and diagnostic procedures. Flooring for this application must hold up against the wear-and-tear of foot traffic and rolling equipment carts, as well as contribute to a sterile environment.

Homogeneous Flooring
Homogeneous sheet flooring from Armstrong is ideal for this space. ColorArt Medintech Sheet, ColorArt Medley Sheet, and ColorArt Medintone Sheet floors set the industry standard for aseptic areas. These floors have superior gouge and abrasion resistance, and their homogeneous construction offers essential infection control protection when seams are heat-welded.

Heterogeneous Flooring
Heterogeneous sheet flooring offers excellent resistance to abrasions and staining. Many patterns in this group help hide scuffs and scratches. Like homogeneous sheet flooring, heterogeneous floors provide infection control when the seams are heat-welded.

Both homogeneous and heterogeneous floors have a UV-cured durable finish that helps these floors look newer longer, which extends their lifecycle.

A clean, comfortable environment may help calm patients who are facing an exam or medical procedure. Armstrong floors recommended for this space offer appealing visuals, and they can be polished to a high sheen, which conveys a high level of cleanliness.

Heterogeneous Flooring
DecorArt Sheet products (Ambigu, StoneRun, and TimberLine) help create a soothing atmosphere with organic homespun tweeds, stone and travertine looks, and warm wood visuals. This line can also be coordinated with the patterns in Natural Creations Luxury Flooring to enhance the design possibilities.

Homogeneous Flooring
Homogeneous flooring offers contemporary visuals and soft tonal steps. The ColorArt Medintone Sheet line has a sophisticated natural visual in a range of neutrals and colors. The ColorArt Medley Sheet line features contrasting chip visuals, which can hide dirt and subfloor imperfections.

For fast installations with sheet products, the Flip™ Spray Adhesive System is the recommended installation method. With this system, the installer simply sprays the adhesive, waits for curing, typically 20-20 minutes, and then installs the sheet flooring. Heat welding can be done after the flooring is laid. In short order, the area is returned to a functional, revenue-generating space.

Sheet products can also be installed with S-543 High-Moisture Adhesive. The use of this adhesive reduces the wait time for installation or the need for moisture remediation systems.

For exam room applications, heat welding the seams and flash coving are recommended for superior infection control.

Both heterogeneous and homogeneous floors have a UV-cured coating that allows for low-maintenance options. However, in exam rooms and other spaces where the appearance of cleanliness is critical to a patient’s perception of the facility, periodic polishing or buffing is recommended.

* Heterogeneous floors should not be dry-buffed.

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